Glass Walls

Glass walls have become a popular choice for many spaces since they offer separation and privacy while providing an open office feel. This allows natural light to filter into the space. Whether you require fixed floor to ceiling glass walls or relocatable glass partitions, we have a number of different options to choose from.

Fixed Glass Walls

We provide options for fixed glass partitions which offer an opportunity for the walls to be completely customized for your space. There are various frame options which allow for a variety of different styles and looks.

Modular Walls

Modular walls are a system of walls that are non-fixed and offer flexibility that drywall partitions cannot. This system offers demountable walls that can be reused and reconfigured in any future layouts for your space.

Our team looks after the entire ordering process and installation of these walls. The modular wall system is made up of pre-fabricated components which are then installed on site. Due to the lack of construction that is required, this type of system is a much faster and cleaner install then a traditional wall system and provides much less disruption.

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