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As a dealer for numerous furniture manufacturers we work with you to select and supply your space with furniture that best fits your needs and budget. We also provide delivery and installation of all products.



A variety of table styles are available for you to choose from, including tables for boardrooms, collaboration spaces, training rooms, cafeterias and lounge spaces. Our collection also contains counter height and bar height tables.



With a variety of seating types and numerous styles, fabrics and colours, our extensive collection contains mesh and fabric task chairs, boardroom chairs, guesting chairs, multi-purpose chairs and lounge seating.

Private Offices

Private Offices

Both laminate and wood veneer case goods are available, with numerous options for storage, style and finishes for each. We are able to customize your office space to your needs.

Collaborative Areas

Collaborative Areas

For formal collaborative spaces or casual lounge spaces our lines include options with built in power and technology, ensuring that these spaces allow for productivity.



This style of station allows for an open office space design while providing for the maximum number of stations to fit in the space. We offer a range of storage and finish options.

System Workstations

System Workstations

A variety of panel heights are available to match different privacy needs. Panels are offered in an assortment of fabrics and in clear or frosted glazing.


Files & Storage

Storage units for files, books, binders and more are offered in both metal and laminate. Our collection contains many different selections for colour, style and height.



We offer a range of accessories to provide you with the proper ergonomics in your workplace. Our products include keyboard trays, monitor arms, sit-to-stand desks and ergonomic seating.

Height Adjustable Desks

Height Adjustable Desks

We provide height adjustable desks which allow for you to set up and work at the sitting height and standing height that is best for you. This reduces stress on your body and prevents future discomfort.

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