Construction & Project Management

Our team includes office remodeling contractors, allowing us to specialize in design-build interiors. We oversee the entire construction process, from start to finish and organize and manage all trades to ensure that the design is properly executed on “budget” and on “time.”

Coordination of Trades

At TWD we look after the organization of all trades and provide a full schedule for your project. We make sure our schedule takes your company’s operation into consideration. Our team has the ability to do the work whether you remain up and running while the construction is happening or unoccupied.


As your project manager we remain the point of contact between you and the contractors. We relay all necessary information and work to address any concerns you may have.

Construction Site Visits

Throughout the project we are on site to ensure that everything is built to the highest standards. We oversee the entire process making sure that the design is fully carried out and brought to life.

Deficiency Review

Once the construction is complete we walk through with you, looking at every detail of the project, to ensure everything has been completed according to our standards.

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