Delta Elevator Logo

Delta Elevator is an elevator manufacturing company with several branches throughout Ontario. Their head office is located in Kitchener, Ontario.


Delta Elevator was looking to undergo an office renovation. Their existing space was very disjointed, in need of an elevator, and dated. Delta Elevator wanted a modern office design that would interconnect the different areas in the office and feature an elevator, all on a limited budget.


TWD put together a plan that focused on providing Delta Elevator with a space that was modern and up to code. The design of the office not only incorporated an elevator but used that elevator as a feature in the space. The elevator was encased in glass so that the mechanisms of the unit were visible. This enabled the elevator to act as a showcase for Delta Elevator’s product while still being functional to its users. TWD also opened up the space and removed walls that were previously hindering the efficiency of the office and causing it to feel disjointed. Areas now became defined by lighting. A mixture of colours and textures were used to provide a modern feel to the space. In order to work within the client’s budget, TWD also reused existing aspects of the space and incorporated them into the design.


TWD was able to deliver a space for Delta Elevator that came in on budget and represents their company. The office now showcases their product and provides a warm and inviting environment for their employees and customers.